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Movies about Finance, stock market and Entrepreneurs (Just a Note)

Finance and Stock market related movies 1. Wall Street 2. Margin Call 3. Boiler Room 4. The Wolf of Wall Street 5. Trading Places 6. Rogue Trader 7. Glengarry Glen Ross 8. American Psycho 9. Barbarians at the Gates 10. The Big Short Movies for Entrepreneurs 1. Wall Street 2. Money Ball 3. Catch me if you can 4. The Social Network 5. The Founder 6. Office SPACE 7. 8. Twelve angry men 9. Wolf of wall street 10. Rogue Trader 11. Lord of war 12. Boiler Room
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Understand the Stocks

  Stocks Stocks is an equity share of the company. If you buy a share of ITC or Tata Motors, then you are the owner of that share of that company. In other words, A stock (is also called equity share or share) is a financial security that represents the ownership of a fraction(divided pieces or divided into multiple shares) of a corporation. Stock Exchange A stock exchange is a location where investors can buy or sell shares of publicly listed companies. It is like a marketplace for stocks. You can buy stocks from one exchange and sell them on another exchange. It is somewhat like a shopping mall. You can buy a shoe of a particular brand from multiple shopping malls. It doesn’t affect the quality of the shoe you buy. Likewise, shares bought in one exchange are the same as those bought on another exchange. In India, the two main exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). In the US, the biggest exchange is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Stock vs

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NPS – National Pension System

  In this article, we will see the retirement saving scheme is NPS. National Pension System, launched by Government of India in Feb 2004 as a sustainable solution to provide retirement income for Central government employees. In May 2009, It was available to all Indian citizens. In December 2011, Corporate Sector model was introduced. In 2013, Parliament passes the PFRDA Bill. Interim PFRDA gets fully regulatory powers. Objective of NPS Assured Monthly income to ensure dignified life in old age. Who can join? Any employee from public, private sectors can opt for this. Aged between 18 to 65 years Who cannot join? Person of Indian Origin Overseas Citizen of India Person of armed forces Stakeholders PFRDA Autonomous body set up by Government of India to develop & regulate pension market CRA – Central Record Keeping Agency Role played by National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) POP – Point of Presence First point of contact for corporate, subscribers & NPS stakeholders Custodian

What is Gilt Fund?

  What is Gilt Fund? Gilt fund is one type of Debt fund and it has a lower risk in principal investment. These type of funds are only investing in bonds and fixed interest-bearing securities issued by the state and central governments. What is G-Sec (Government Securities)? Central and State governments whenever require fund, asks the Reverse Bank of India. RBI collects the required funds from banks and insurance companies and lends it to the Central and State government. In the exchange for the loan, RBI issues Government Securities with a fixed tenure. In such G-Sec to which the fund manager of Gilt funds subscribes. Once the security matures, this gilt fund returns the government securities and receives money in return. Advantage Gilt Debt fund with lower risk. Investing in Government securities. There is no default. Disadvantage Changes in interest rates from time to time. New securities come with a high-interest rate, an investor like you and me, redeem money from this fund and in

Arbitrage Mutual Funds

Arbitrage Mutual Funds Arbitrage fund is a type of Hybrid Funds which holds Equity, Debt and Arbitrage opportunities in the market. The price difference between buying and selling price is the return you earn. Spot Opportunities Arbitrage fund manager tries to spot opportunities price difference between exchanges. For example, Equity share of ABC company price is Rs. 100 in National Stock Exchange and the same company share price is Rs. 110 in Bombay Stock Exchange. Fund manager buy these shares in NSE and sell these share in BSE. Here profit is 10. Predict Opportunities Arbitrage fund manager tries to predict opportunities in Future Market(Contract within specific expiry). For example, Equity share of ABC company price is Rs. 100, Fund manager predict that share will raise Rs 110 within a specific period, then he entered in Future market contract and buy the shares at Rs 100 and sell the shares at Rs 110. Here profit is Rs 10. Fund manager predict that